What is Cybersecurity?



Cybersecurity, also known as IT security, is the protection of your valuable information—software, hardware, networks, and data. Having this confidential property in the hands of unauthorized users can open the door to many vulnerabilities, especially for companies that pride themselves on storing and maintaining confidential data. Cybersecurity in St. Louis should be a priority for any business. Our St. Louis cybersecurity professionals realize dependence on digital information is rapidly increasing, which means we must take further steps to ensure its security.


  • Malicious code installed via email or websites
  • Corrupts, steals, or deletes data on your network


  • Encrypts valuable digital files and demands a ransom to release them
  • Commonly delivered through an email attachment, but newer versions bypass the need to click on a link by injecting malicious code on legitimate websites and taking advantage of unpatched software and hijacking your IT security

Denial of Service (DDoS)

  • Targets specific sites and sends large amounts of fake web traffic to bog down or crash server infrastructure, disrupting a business’ online operations
  • Innocent users are denied access due to overloaded servers

Online Fraud

  • Clever scams used to steal personal or financial information
  • Phishing, pharming, and other methods can be hard for employees to discern

Wi-Fi Security

  • Unsecure connections allow for the unauthorized capture of information
  • Laws regarding Wi-Fi eavesdropping over public connections are spotty and criminals take advantage of the open access to farm passwords and other personal information

What Can We Do for You?



Frontline Networks can ensure that your network security and data security are meeting industry standards. We will design a personalized service plan specifically for your business. Creating data backup and data recovery plans soften the blow of compromised or ransomed data files. Our IT security experts install and configure firewalls, antivirus software, and data backups to protect your business. We can help your company recover from an infiltrated attack.

IT security is crucial to your company’s safety and success. Contact us today to equip your business with the most reliable cybersecurity Frontline Networks has to offer.